Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don't We Look Good?

Don't We Look Good?
Note that Switzerland (the home of the banksters) does not:
It closed its doors in 2014.

Our good intentions are being used against us.
What do we think when the radicals come (if they aren't already here like in France)?
Will we still be so happy like a seal flapping for his ball?

The banksters have made this all happen!
We are watching a revolution back into the dark ages in slow motion and think it's trendy!

We can tell ourselves how good we are and yet remain blind to the reasons this has happened. The banksters make war, create a need for mass migration of people to dilute and destroy the cultural and social cohesion of western states (except Switzerland, New Zealand if they're lucky, Cayman Islands,... where the biggest banksters live or will exit to).

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