Sunday, November 29, 2015

Race Baiting Is Trendy - Political Correctness Until ALL Are Silent

It's as if history started and stopped in the American Civil War.There is no mention of black slave traders:

No mention of black slave owners:

Nor the existence of white slaves is mentioned; some of which were owned by blacks!

Slavery is a human problem not a racial one.
The Irish were bought sold by all races:

Here Mulatto Slave traders:

The Africans even fought among each other in the traffic of their own peoples:

Even Jews were involved (and quite prominently, I might add:

I've posted on this woman before and many times on this subject.
Melissa Harris-Perry also thinks your children are property of the State:

I personally have Irish, Scottish, American Indian, Black, and Mexican people in my family. What are we now to do - 'disown' and hate each other just because the collective's social engineers want us to go at each other?

I decided I will not be played for a chump. Notice also here term for people as 'folks' (a radical's term for people being chumped).

See Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules for Radicals:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our 'Owners' Will Still Eat Meat - The Weaponization Of Our Emotions

why+should+i+go+veganOur 'Owners' Will Still Eat Meat - The Weaponization Of Our Emotions The best of our intentions are being used against us. The parasitic class is active on many levels right now, just like with mandatory vaccinations, by pushing those of us who cannot or will not differentiate the truth (see beyond their own bias), towards stigmatizing the consumption of meat and meat products; be it through animal rights groups, GAIA movements, Vegetarians, or Vegans. These well-intentioned people think, each for their own personal reasons, that everyone should go without any meat and/or dairy products. It's not enough to make it a choice for everyone, it must be forced and coerced upon those who they think don't care about animals. The conditions that animals must endure in the meat industry is not the fault of people who eat meat, nor is it because meat is eaten; rather, because of the corporations and the governments / bureaucracies they now control who have injected themselves into the farming of animals! It is they who are dictating to farmers how to raise and care for the animals in their charge. It's not about being safe either; it's about control... control of the 'slaves' (us). Don't think for one moment that they who control our governments are going to regulate themselves! No, the many regulations are only meant for us 'serfs' in their neo-Feudalism. It's also about dividing us against each other. It's about using our own empathy towards animals and turning it into a weapon against humanity itself. It is the weoponization of our emotions. The truth is many indigenous peoples have been eating meat for many thousands of years and have done so in ways that are not violent. I will continue posts on this subject as time permits. One of my next posts will be to debunk people like this Dr. Gregor here: Nothing is as it seems... even the best among us have been 'weaponized' and don't have any desire for you to wake them up from their trance. In fact; they see you as standing in their way!