Sunday, November 29, 2015

Race Baiting Is Trendy - Political Correctness Until ALL Are Silent

It's as if history started and stopped in the American Civil War.There is no mention of black slave traders:

No mention of black slave owners:

Nor the existence of white slaves is mentioned; some of which were owned by blacks!

Slavery is a human problem not a racial one.
The Irish were bought sold by all races:

Here Mulatto Slave traders:

The Africans even fought among each other in the traffic of their own peoples:

Even Jews were involved (and quite prominently, I might add:

I've posted on this woman before and many times on this subject.
Melissa Harris-Perry also thinks your children are property of the State:

I personally have Irish, Scottish, American Indian, Black, and Mexican people in my family. What are we now to do - 'disown' and hate each other just because the collective's social engineers want us to go at each other?

I decided I will not be played for a chump. Notice also here term for people as 'folks' (a radical's term for people being chumped).

See Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules for Radicals:

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