Friday, January 15, 2016

'Trust' For Sale
More of Google's attempt to become the 'clearing house' of truthful, 'trustful', and important facts and therewith create a 'truthful tribe'. I thought we wanted to rid ourselves of tribalism?

So many talented people will never be known, because they work 'under the radar' or for being ignored (exiled) as 'heretics'.

Here is a question: how can even truth, not to mention trust, be systematized when we cannot know all of it as well as its many sources of origination?

Google is creating its own demise with this. It will go down or cause a vast migration of awakened (and non-evangelists) to move to, create, or participate in other search engines.

True research must make it's own decisions upon what is truthful, trustworthy, and valuable. If we allow a corporation to manage these values, we will enter an age of 'privatized credibility'.

They will be able to keep people out of the debate (social discourse) by making them non-authoritative. If they can establish metrics then everyone must conform to them.

It's like believing Marx, Engels, and Lenin were philosophers when they were really children playing with snake-oil in order to sell the idea that a tyranny of Communism was the solution to humanity's problems.

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  1. We should know who is behind of all of this and what they are doing:
    The different control mechanisms are being set up now. Integration then follows. And currently the famous ‘totalitarian tip toe’ towards enforcement and coercion.

    Their minds are very simple to understand once you finally see them through their addiction to fear and control… they are attracted to the artificial, synthetic, inverted,… everything that can host the expression of their fear of the loss of control.

    They want it visible, as well. In your face (hence chemtrails, in-your-face violence of migrants,… even down to tags in animals ears). They tell themselves they are elite, but they only occupy the summits of wealth and power, because of their addiction and screw everyone else over with fraud and crony-ism.

    We would be living in the clouds and looking up into the heavens at night to space stations and planetary transports being built if they hadn’t stood in our way. Instead we must live out the nightmares of hegemonic tyrannical killers.